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Can I get a PDF invoice for my order

Sure thing! To get an invoice, just contact me through this form or send me the following info directly at glyphicons@gmail.com, please keep it in this order:

  • Your order ID
  • Name
  • Street Address
  • City, ST ZIP Code
  • VAT No. (only if you've used this during checkout process)

I'll try get back to you in next 48 hours with your invoice in PDF format.

How do I receive my updates?

You'll receive a notification email in your inbox as soon as a new version is released, without needing to do anything extra to get these emails.

To ensure you have the latest version, just compare the files you've downloaded with the current version on the website. The specific version of each set is included in the name of the root folder and is also listed at the end of the _changelog.txt file, which details every update.

Does the price include VAT?

For customers outside the EU or EU taxpayers with a valid VAT number, the price you see is the final price. However, due to EU VAT laws, customers without a valid VAT number in the EU will need to pay VAT applicable in their country. Don't worry—the correct tax amount will be automatically calculated for you during checkout.

I'm still waiting for my download link

You should receive an email with your download link immediately after payment. Although it usually takes just a few minutes, sometimes it can take up to 30 minutes. Still waiting?

  • Refresh the inbox of the email associated with your PayPal account.
  • Check your spam folder, just in case the email landed there.
  • Make sure your payment went through (if you used an eCheck or a non-instant payment method, you'll get your download link as soon as the payment clears).

If you still haven't received an email with your download link, please contact me at glyphicons@gmail.com. Don't forget to include your PayPal email and the transaction ID so we can sort this out together.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay directly using your card through Stripe or PayPal. Shortly after your payment is processed, you'll receive an email with the download link to your icons.

Can I get a discount?

There are no discounts or sales here – I'm not a fan of such sales tactics often seen in digital marketing to nudge folks. However, you can still snag a better price on any icon set when you opt for a collection. It’s my way of keeping things fair and square, without the gimmicks.

What are collections?

A collection allows each set to be downloaded separately, with all sets retaining the same license as if purchased individually. The advantage? Buying sets as part of a collection means a significantly better price than acquiring them one by one.

If you want to know more, check out this article about collections. And if you have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact me.

Do you make custom icons? What is your rate?

Absolutely, I create custom icons that match the sizes, file types, and quality of the standard GLYPHICONS®. To get a rough estimate of the price and the time required to craft them, please contact me via the form on the contact page. For more in-depth information, you can read the detailed article about my custom icon creation process.

Does the license allow me to use icons in HTML themes or other products intended for repeated selling?

This is explicitly prohibited in the license text. You can't use icons in items intended for multiple re-selling or use them in your product as a main value or as a source/library of icons inside a different product.

However, using the icons on your website, in custom (one-time) work for clients, as part of the user interface, or in printed materials is perfectly fine, provided it doesn’t involve repetitive production. For further questions or to clarify these terms in more detail, feel free to contact me.contact me.

Can I modify icons?

Feel free to adjust the icons to fit your project by altering their color, size, or combining them. However, please refrain from changing their shape. For instance, adjusting the time on a clock icon is fine, but for more significant modifications, consider having custom icons made.

Where are the former PRO, ALL, and FREE versions

Each icon set is a standalone product, with its own page, update history, and pricing.

For those who purchased former PRO version in the past, rest assured that you will continue to receive updates for all previously purchased sets Basic, Halflings, Filetypes and Social is now Social tool) directly in your inbox, just like before. You can find more details on this in this blog post.

If you didn't get your update or can't find your order ID, please use this link and log in and recover your account.

Who's behind GLYPHICONS®?

GLYPHICONS® were created by Jan Kovařík in late 2010 and have been evolving ever since. While I, as the designer and creator, spearhead the project, it's not a solo journey. I'm supported by friends who handle the technical side of the website, tackling complexities that go beyond my expertise.

Do you have any other questions?

If you haven’t found the answer you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact me. I typically respond to emails daily, so you can expect a reply by the next day at the latest.