I’ve sent the payment but I haven’t received any email with my download link.

You’ll get an email with your download link right after the payment. It should not take more than a few minutes but in case you’re not able to find it, please check these things first:

  • check the inbox of your PayPal email address
  • take a look into your spam folder, maybe it’s there
  • please be patient and wait at least a few minutes, maybe there is a knot on the wires somewhere ;)

In case you still haven’t received the instructions for the download, please drop me a line at: and do not forget to mention your PayPal email and ID of the transaction. We’ll figure out what went wrong.

Is it possible to get a regular invoice for my order?

Of course it is. Please send me the following information at (please keep it in this order):

  • Your order ID
  • Name
  • Street Address
  • City, ST ZIP Code
  • Email (optional)
  • Phone No. (optional)
  • VAT No. (optional)

Does the price include a VAT?

If you are outside EU or a taxpayer inside EU, the price is final. But because of new EU VAT TAX law, you’ll have to pay tax in your country. No worries, the price will be calculated automatically during the checkout process.

Do you make icons on a customer request? What is your rate?

I make icons on a customer request (same sizes, file types and quality as regular Glyphicons). If I make any icons on a customer request, I need a list of all the icons with a short description for each of them + examples of how you imagine the style of the new icons. If you want to learn more details, please drop me a line at:

I bought the ALL license a while ago. Is it possible to upgrade to the PRO license by paying the difference?

Unfortunately, there is no way how you can upgrade at this moment. If you need the PRO version, the best way is to buy a new license.

How do I receive my update as a PRO user?

You’ll get an email with your own unique download link automatically into your inbox as soon as a new version is out.

Does the license allow me to use the SVG vector files to make an icon web font and then ship it in a theme on Theme Forest?

From version 1.9 it is not possible – why? Because some of my customers were trying to re-sell all icons wrapped in their HTML theme and I had to deal with many people asking me for a free update because they had paid for this HTML theme.

Is there any other payment option besides PayPal?

I'm using PayPal as a default payment method. It's very quick and you'll get your icons in a minutes after a payment. You can even use your credit card with PayPal without having any account, I strongly recommend this method and at this moment, it's the only way how to buy icons.

Can I edit vector files with Pixelmator?

Unfortunately, Glyphicons don’t include native Pixelmator format and as far as I know, Pixelmator doesn’t allow editing vector shapes inside of other file formats. I would recommend to use Adobe Illustrator (I know it’s not perfect but what else we have :) or if you’re looking for a free tool, you can use Inkscape instead).

Do you have other question?

If you didn't find your answer above, please send me your question with as much detailed description as possible at: and I‘ll get back to you.