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Basic set update 2.3

February 18, 2020By Jan KovaříkUpdates

Basic set update 2.3

1030+ icons in total make the Basic set the biggest GLYPHICONS icon pack ever. I know it's obvious and that the Basic set has always been the biggest. It may sound a bit like when new iPhones are introduced – with a better display, thinner body and better battery, it's the best iPhone ever made – of course it is! Nobody would buy a new, but slightly worse iPhone :). But this is not an iPhone, this is different.

Actually, it’s exactly the opposite: you don’t have to give up anything you have now or pay new fee. For some of my customers, it’s the 15th free update (!) since the first version in 2010 - which reminds me, that GLYPHICONS will celebrate the 10th anniversary this year. I’m still not sure how (or even if) I should celebrate it and how – but I’m open to your ideas ;). If you have any suggestions on what would you expect (but please, be realistic ;), let me know at my email: glyphicons@gmail.com.

This update in nutshell

  • 2.3 released 28/02/2020

    * 30 new icons
    * 1 icon was renamed
    * new search tags and categories were added on the website

The most important ones are new allergen icons, which now (finally) make a complete list of all 14 major food allergens (according EU law), so you can use them in printed menus for restaurants, food apps, food packaging or simply wherever food allergens need to be displayed or highlighted. For this, you can thank to my customer Alex, who asked for them last year.

I had to reject some suggestions for new icons right away, as they were either too specialized or wouldn’t be useful to any other user of the Basic set. Please, when you suggest a new icon, always think about others, as the main purpose of the Basic set is to be versatile, but not unnecessarily bloated

Some suggestions, even if they weren’t bad, arrived in my inbox too late and as I have to finish most of the work on icons a few weeks prior their release, these were postponed to the version 2.4. So if you didn’t find your icon you’ve suggested in this release, it’s possible it will appear in the next version.

Hope you’ll like these new icons and thank you for your ongoing support!

Jan Kovařík

Jan Kovařík

Hi, I'm Jan, an independent graphic designer and the creator of GLYPHICONS. I've been designing these icons since 2010. I'm all about brand identity, creating logos and everything that represents your business for more than eighteen years.