Examples of use

Picture signs (glyphs) have been used in human communication since time immemorial. Owing to that, each picture or sign represents a word; these symbols or pictograms form a universal language which is comprehensible to all people in the world.

Mobile apps

iOS toolbar icons
GLYPHICONS as a bar Button Icons in latest iOS, more on iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

GLYPHICONS were originally designed for mobile applications as icons for tab bars, toolbars and navigation toolbars or as a part of control buttons.

The icons may be used immediately, e.g. in iOS on iPhones and iPads as well as in your Android application.

24bits PNG data files with transparency are saved and optimized in two basic sizes. Double sized version of the icons including the correct suffix @2x or @3x in the attribution of data files which are designed for Retina Display.

Websites and web apps

Web app icons
GLYPHICONS as a part of the admin interface, done by Daniel Sandvik on

GLYPHICONS are prepared not only for mobile applications use, but they are also suitable for creating visual navigation on websites or web applications.

By appropriate insertion of the icons into the text you may make orientation for users easy and content of the website will be more attractive. You may also emphasize important information by using the icons in various lists or menus.

It is very easy to combine GLYPHICONS with one another, change their size or color, structure or background. Owing to this flexibility, the usage of GLYPHICONS is very broad.

Wire-frames and prints

Icons for wireframes or prints
GLYPHICONS will work like a charm in your wireframes or printed materials.

Your clients will like wire-frames with these icons. The icons then may enable the clients to get acquainted with the website easily and visualize the functions and purpose of each individual part of the website better.

A good quality wire-frame will provide you and your client with the opportunity to concentrate only on the frame and the most important parts of the web page.

Vectors may be used for navigation in printed as well as in electronic form.

GLYPHICONS are perfectly prearranged for an easy change of color, so the insertion of the symbols into the text will take only a while.

Some of the great websites and apps using GLYPHICONS

Bootstrap – Designed for everyone, everywhere.

The world’s most popular mobile-first and responsive front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

Spacemaker Wardrobes – Built in wardrobes and sliding wardrobe doors.

Wardrobe that is both functional and organised.

Last Time App – track your important events, so you will never forget it again.

iTunes link

CalcFxC iPhone Calculator and iPad Calculator – Smart phone, smart calc. CalcFxC’s modern design uses separate “Focused Calculators” for finance, statistics and math.

iTunes link

Used by worldwide known brands and agencies

During the last years, GLYPHICONS were bought by the many global companies. Thank to their neutral look, they are being used not only by designers and developers around the world, but they also found their place in a toolkit of many government organizations, in medicine or even game development.

More usage

Human fantasy has no limits. The only limitation in the use of GLYPHICONS is your own imagination.